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In today’s world where it is merely impossible to live without technology, preferring not to use it is a folly. Technology running through our fingertips has brought great developments in the business industry. We promise that Arkboss which has understood a business man’s passion would be a providing a boost to your business. The user could access their data anytime anywhere as well as prevent data loss due to a machine crash since we use a cloud server technology for storing data. Thus, Arkboss would make your business easier in different dimensions by saving time as well as income.


    Having difficulty managing more than one shop at a time? Tired of trusting your employees with too much? Arkboss Lite can ease your pain by providing you with the tools to help you manage your budding business and free up your time to do the most important thing, expand your business!


    Our fully responsive designs facilitate you to handle your shop regardless of the type of device in your hands. Working on a desktop? Or are you a more mobile person? Our pages adapt to the screen size to provide you with the best, most intuitive experience.


    Stay updated about all the activities at your shop with real time notifications. Track your sales and stay one step ahead of your customer. Sale notifications, low stock notifications etc help to stay on top of your business.


    Sales Management

    Each business transaction (sales) registered through the software can be stored as well as can be categorised.


    Customers Management

    Customer details could be registered so as to maintain the relationship with your customers to enhance your business.


    Products Management

    Each and every details about the products available could be accessed very easily in Arkboss.


    Warehouse Management

    Very accurate and precise details about the stock,expiration,warehouse details of products etc are provided through Arkboss


    Purchase Management

    All the details about wholesale products need for your business is also provided.

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    Vendors Management

    Information about all the wholesale dealers available for your products is also given.


    Staff Management

    All the staff details like salary,post,leave and allowances are provided in Arkboss.


    Users Management

    One of the main feature of Arkboss is the ability given to the user to observe all the works done by their staff.


    Finance Management

    Arkboss deals with finance in the most reliable and easiest manner possible in order to achieve the highest profit possible.


    GST tax Management

    The latest GST based taxes are noted and controlled by Arkboss


A Demo

If you want to use a demo of our shop management software, Please submit a request below.